Friday, April 1, 2011

Didymos Indio Grass with hemp

The very first Didymos limited edition with hemp: Didymos Grass! Some time ago I suggested a coloured hemp Indio to Didymos. I know it's difficult, expensive and not environmentally friendly to dye hemp. So I suggested using coloured cotton and natural undyed hemp. And here it is! The colour is very hard to capture, but I've tried.

I'd say this is on the thin side, especially for a hemp. The weight is 781 grams for a size 6. It's not stiff at all, it feels rather moldable right out of the box. I'm sure it will soften up nicely after a wash, a (steam) iron and some use.

Confusing: Didymos stated on their website that the label was wrong: it's 50% hemp instead of 40%. But then the label on the box also says 40%? The box label is usually right...

[edit 2011-04-04] I have asked Didymos and they have confirmed that Indio Grass is definitely made of 50% hemp and 50% organic cotton.

Compared to Antigua Geckos:


  1. This is stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So gorgeous! Thanks for the great photos!

  3. Thanks, Shawnah and Anda! You're welcome!

  4. Holy Mac! Wat een prachtige kleur woooooow. Ik heb niet besteld want de swatch was mwheee maar is het echt issie woooow!

    You rock!
    A n o u h k