Friday, April 8, 2011

Didymos Pfau violet with 50% linen

An unexpected surprise release: Pfau violet with 50% linen. The linen yarn is the same as Pfau ecru with linen. These Pfaus are inverse from all the other linen Pfaus. And they are woven with two colours instead of three: the usual black thread is missing.

According to Didymos these Pfaus were not planned. They were supposed to be Pfau ecru but the wrong yarn was used on the loom. I love the way this 'accident' turned out!

Also special: mamas in the USA had their Pfaus sooner than mamas in Europe. That must have made a lot of overseas mamas very happy.

The weight is 1.026 grams for a size 6.

Compared to Elburg Fish:

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