Friday, May 25, 2012

Didymos Nino natural hemp

"Let's see if there's any new releases," I thought as I awoke from a well-deserved nap last Friday. And yes, there it was, right on my birthday: Nino natural hemp. Anyone who knows me, knows how special Nino wraps are to me, because of my son's name.

This Nino natural with 50% hemp reminds me very much of the Nino Lemon with 50% linen that once lived here (it moved to a new home a long time ago!). Although Nino Lemon was much thicker (around 280 g/m2, if I recall right, compared to 235 g/m2 for Nino hemp), it had the same sturdy appearance because of the irregularities of the linen. The hemp has the same appearance. I love it!

ETA I have now washed and ironed it, so I now know the real weight. It weighs 260 g/m2. The cotton side is super soft already and my daughter felt weightless yesterday when we tried it on. It is very warm here right now, so she wanted out after 10 minutes. But this one is definitely a favourite already!

No dibs requests, please. This is a legacy wrap. Thanks!

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